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AvPD, BPD, dysthymia, anorexia :/ , and anxiety. Those are some labels that describe me. But who am I, really? • Some other labels that describe me: White, female, queer, cisgender, left-wing, theist, Canadian, vegetarian, anti-isms, pro-choice, feminist, trans ally, anti pro-ana; singer, Whovian, Trekkie, Ravenclaw, District 4, Divergent, old Pokemaniac, true 90s kid; reader, lover of nature and beauty, general nerd; friend.

If I ever say anything that offends you, I probably didn't mean it... and if I DO say something like this, please call my ass out on it so I can a) apologize, and b) never do it again.

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15th January 2012

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